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MTP series pneumatic actuator is a multi-turn valve drive device with gear motor as the power and worm gear and worm gear as the transmission. Use limit switch and gas control valve to control the operation and stop, suitable for all kinds of inflammable and explosive environment.

· Direct installation

· Position indication

· Modular design

· Local/remote control

· Flexible automatic hand switching

· Compact design to save installation space

· The intrinsically safe type is suitable for various flammable and explosive environments

· Various combinations of torque, thrust and speed are available

· All-metal design, explosion-proof and fire-proof

· Modular design, easy maintenance

· Hands are self-contained and can be used as needed

· High precision gear motor, energy saving and noise reduction

· Torque limit device, overload protection

· Flexible configuration

· Intelligent control of air source

· Remote local control can be achieved

· A variety of instructions, wide range of use

· Convenient connection and can be used together with reducer

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